The Only 3 Products I Use On My Skin

The Only 3 Products I Use On My Skin

I know I don’t usually post about topics related to the categories of ‘beauty’ and ‘fashion’, but after years and years of working with different dermatologists and routines I’ve finally found something that works for my skin and I wanted to share.  The best part is it’s only 3 steps, and it’s pretty much the simplest and most inexpensive routine ever.

As my dermatologist explained to me: “the simpler the better”.  The skin, after all, is an organ, so using products with very few ingredients means that there’s less of a chance your skin will react poorly.  Before I started with this routine, I always overdid it on face masks, and then I’d panic and try and find a bunch of different other products to help when it would only irritate my skin more.  It was a vicious cycle.  This is why I highly recommend working with a knowledgable dermatologist in order to develop a routine.  If you really want to avoid a doctor I would suggest keeping your products simple and limited.  Bear in mind, the products I use are great for my skin, but the two medicines I take/use do a lot of heavy lifting.

Thanks for reading, and here’s my routine!


After cleaning my hands, I apply my CerVe’s Hydrating Facial Cleanser to my Clarisonic.


After cleansing, I apply the CerVe Moisturizing Lotion that pairs with my face wash.


After I let my moisturizer soak in, I apply my Therapy System Intensive Eye Cream by tapping it into my under-eye area.


And that’s it! I use those three products every morning and night (with the addition of a topical medicine prescribed by my doctor).  However, I do only use the Clarisonic once a day to avoid over-exfoliation. I hope you all enjoyed this, and might be able to incorporate one of these items into your routine!

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