5 Ways to Feel More Empowered

5 Ways to Feel More Empowered


IMG_6248I feel pretty strongly in the claim that there’s not one person out there who is fully confident in themselves and everything they do.

Confidence, in my opinion, is one of the most important qualities we can have—up there with empathy, trustworthiness, and all of those other values—because it means we know we are worthy.  When we know our self-worth, and everyone has worth, we suddenly feel like we can accomplish anything.  Everyone deserves to feel like they have the power to rise up in their field, to meet a new friend, or whatever else they dream of.  With this in mind, I’ve thought of five ways you can empower yourself, and in turn, boost your self-confidence.


  1. Study a new concept or language just for you, take time to cultivate your interest no matter how outlandish it may be. (In other words, the Eat Pray Love method.)


2.  Attend a meditation or yoga class, and let your mind be centered and your thoughts focused.  Self-care is important for any self-confident being because it reminds you that you are important.


3. Buy a new product— maybe bath, beauty, or hair—solely to pamper yourself.  Remind yourself how special you are!


4. Use proper posture, smile at people you pass, and say hello to people next to you.  I promise, if you’re doing these things you will believe, and people around you will believe, that you are powerful. Sometimes “fake it ’till you make it” isn’t a bad thing.


5. Knowing that someone out there, other than yourself, believes in you might just be all it takes.  Your loved ones already know how special you are, so just take a minute and see yourself from their perspective.



I hope you can try these ideas—even if you already feel like your empowered and confident—because taking a second to believe in yourself is certainly not going to hurt. Let me know if you guys have any other ideas below in the comments!

Happy Sunday, and enjoy the rest of these pictures from the U.S. Botanic Gardens! Which plant is your favorite? 🙂


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