What ‘counts’ as meditation?

What ‘counts’ as meditation?

I talk to a lot of people who find meditation to be a little “out there”. They don’t find it to be a normalized practice in the West, and many of them don’t know how to even start meditating. So before I get into a discussion about it, I thought I’d clear up what meditation is. To me, it’s the practice of finding the stillness within yourself and focusing on it. You let your thoughts float away, and with it, you lose touch with your physical body. It helps to bring peace and ease anxiety, helps with chronic pain, strengthens immunity, and improves heart health. There are a lot of benefits, but for me, the best part is that it eases my stress.


One of the most difficult things about meditating, in my opinion, is finding time to sit in stillness. Because I had trouble with this, I had the realization that a lot of things are of similar equivalence to the traditional experience of meditation. The way I see it if you’re completely immersed in an experience, that isn’t toxic and offers a relief from daily pressures, then that could theoretically be a form of meditation!


The ‘forms of meditation’ that I like to use are mainly praying and reading. I find that being able to ‘talk’ through my fears, hopes, and problems with God is really healthy for me. Being able to voice those things, brings me a little more peace and clarity. Reading a meaningful and inspiring book is also something that I enjoy, even if it does take me forever to get through the whole book… I’ve also heard people say that running or other forms of exercise¬†bring clarity and offer a little peace in their day. I’d love to know what you all consider your form of meditation!

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  1. Joanne Weber January 23, 2018 / 11:30 pm

    My favorite form of meditation each day is lying on my bed with my eyes closed for about 20 minutes. This slows my heart rate, which is important to me, and sometimes I surprise myself and fall asleep. Maybe I am convincing myself that I am meditating as an excuse for stealing an afternoon nap!

    I am enjoying your page Isabella, keep up the good work.

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