Living an Honest Life

Living an Honest Life

To live an honest life isn’t directly referring to lying, stealing, or cheating (which by the way you really shouldn’t do anyway, but I feel like that goes without saying). What I mean is we should all live our truth, and this has a lot of different facets.

For one, we shouldn’t put on a show for others, and by that I mean adapt our personality or our speech to fit in with people.

This is hard because, of course, you want others to like you (I mean who doesn’t want to be well liked?), but you shouldn’t bend your values and reconsider what’s important to you solely to carry on a conversation or friendship with another individual. Not only can this be harmful to you, but in a way, doing that cheats others from seeing who the real, beautiful you are.

Living honestly also means not hiding things that are important to you from the world.

If art is your passion then express that to others, or if religion is something that plays a big part in your life then share that with friends. We shouldn’t be ashamed or want to keep parts of ourselves secret when we actually value them, and it’s upsetting when people make us feel like we should.

Living honestly means speaking your truth in a loving manner that reflects who you are in your heart.

Be caring but firm in what you say because what you say matters and carries weight. Don’t live a second of your life pretending to be anything other than what your truth is, and maybe that means something different to you than it does to me! I’d love to know what it means to you.

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