My Ramblings on Fear

My Ramblings on Fear

There something interesting about the feeling of fear. It’s such a primal emotion, and if we let it, it can easily take us over. However, it is also something that is easily converted into action. Fear of a deadline, for instance, prompts students to start writing a paper. In a more basic sense, fear of a snake causes us to run in a different direction.

The interesting aspect of fear is that we either control it or it controls us. When we are frightened adrenaline kicks in and spurs us to do either what frightens us or run away. However, if we can take a few seconds to realize that what we’re feeling is controllable. We have so much more power over our minds than our emotions would convince us otherwise. Despite what we may be thinking, the world is not really falling apart when a wrench is thrown into our plan, and instead, we must readjust.

We are adaptable creatures with powerful minds, and fear is not something we should let control us. In the world many of us live in, there are very few things that we are afraid of that can actually harm us. Many times our fear swirls around on itself and grows with our imagination, but we can force our minds to knock it away. We are stronger than fear.

Is there anything you’re afraid of?

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