Should I Read This? And Then There Were None

Should I Read This? And Then There Were None

Suddenly, reading, which had been a large part of my childhood, has been something I have started to prioritize and make more time for. Like most people, I was fond of tearing through books as a middle schooler and trying my best to sneak reading lights under my blankets to read after my parents thought I was asleep, but as I got older it got a lot harder to make time to read with easy access to Netflix, Hulu, etc. so I sort of stopped. Now, since I’m enjoying reading again so much, I thought that I might try and share my thoughts with you on new books I come across!

So today I’m starting a new section of my blog “Should you read it?”

Now the first thing you should know about my reading habits is that I really enjoy fiction, mystery, suspense, and those types of novels, so it’s no surprise the first novel I wanted to review is one of Agatha Christie’s best.

And Then There Were None caught my eye when I saw it labeled as one of Amazon’s best ever mystery novels. I know. I thought that was a pretty hefty claim also, but obviously, the labeling worked because I bought it, and here we are.

The first thing you should know is that I thought it was a fantastic book. Because it was written in 1939, the language can take a few pages to get used to, but it was certainly nothing too difficult. Christie starts by introducing the ten main characters, which can be a lot at once but you catch on in the following chapter, and then the action commences. I found it very easy to read and it took me only two days.

I think she’s very brave in her writing because, without giving any spoilers, she doesn’t follow the traditional formula for a novel. If you can inference anything by the title, she really follows through with that message. The ending included one of the biggest, and smartest, plot twists I’ve read in a long time. I enjoyed that she answers the reader’s questions in a way that is not obvious and could not have been guessed, she certainly doesn’t insult her reader’s intelligence.

If you’re looking for a clever mystery with developed characters this is a great book. I’m excited to keep reading her novels!



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  1. Mom September 20, 2018 / 6:58 pm

    Oh wow! Now I want to read it!

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