Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain

After some serious photo uploading difficulties, I’m finally ready to share all the pictures from my trips the past couple of months! This first trip I took earlier this semester was to Seville, Spain. I think Seville might be one of the most adorable places I’ve been. It was super hot when we went in September, so it was no surprise everyone takes siestas during the hottest part of the day. This trip was also my first time on a European, budget airline which was very different. I’d love to make a post on that in the future, but my biggest advice is to read the fine print and make sure you check in a few days prior to your trip.

Back to some information on Seville, my favorite place we visited was Plaza de España. It was like walking through a perfectly manicured jungle, and we got to row boats all along the plaza. You could also rent bicycles to ride throughout the park which looked like so much fun. We also went to Seville Cathedral that had the most incredible view of the city, if you don’t mind walking up 40 ramps to get to the top!

While on this quick trip, we also made a stop at Cordoba to see the famous mosque. Its history is incredibly interesting as it is actually half Catholic church and half Islamic Mosque. In the center of the mosque is a church, and the shared culture creates some really breathtaking architecture. The top of this building also has a great view of the surrounding city, and the best part is was not as much climbing as the Cathedral of Seville!

To See/ To Eat/ To Do:

  • Tinto de Verano (a wine based drink served in the Summer months)
  • Tapas!
  • Plaza De España
  • Day trip to Córdoba
  • Plaza de Cristo de Burgos


It was a great trip, and I’m excited to share the other trips of my study abroad semester with you!

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