Continuing Your Own Evolution

Continuing Your Own Evolution

I think it’s important to self-reflect from time-to-time, and I think, for myself, I’ve put that process off for a little too long recently. Of course, it isn’t always that when that happens something catastrophic occurs, but I think it becomes easier and easier to lose focus on your goals and what you want. It’s easy to get to a good place and then just forget about working on continuing your own process.

For myself, I think that my own confidence in myself has faltered a bit, and this is something I know so many people can relate to. When you lack confidence it can come off as rude or withdrawn which is never seen as a positive trait. For me, I think it affects how outgoing I can be and I feel like that can add “shyness”. I want to work on never being insecure about the things that I enjoy doing. I want to better express my wants and needs and be more forward. Sometimes its hard to say what you want! I also want to push forward, without fear, toward the things I want to accomplish.

Building confidence is an almost universal goal in my mind, but it can be interesting to see how it affects different people. I don’t think there should be anything wrong with being open and talking about that, and sometimes that can mean being a little vulnerable. I’d love to set a challenge for all of us to turn inward and set some personal development goals. This shouldn’t be an excuse to self criticize or become down on ourselves. We all have things we regret and cannot change, and as embarrassing as it can be to think back to times we could have done better, knowing how we can react and act better in future, similar situations will only serve us for the better.

Mistakes help you evolve. Make them, don’t be hard on yourself, learn from them and evolve. -Anonymous

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  1. Linda Grande May 25, 2019 / 2:55 am

    Absolutely beautiful!

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